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Why are Probiotics
so important for my cat or dog?

The regular addition of probiotics to your pet’s diet helps aid digestion and supports the absorption of nutrients from their regular food. Protect for Pets probiotics contain a source of live, naturally occurring beneficial intestinal bacteria that help support the protective layers of the bowel to promote intestinal wellbeing. This allows pet parents to provide the best possible digestive health for their fur babies.

  • Supports gut health
  • Promotes overall health
  • Balances intestinal micro-flora
  • Helps support nutrient absorption from your pet’s food
  • Contains a source of live (viable) natural occurring microorganisms
  • Contains lactobacillus acidophilus

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A safe, all natural and easy-to-use shake-on formulation, Protect® for Pets provides your dog or cat with a proprietary blend of over 1 billion live, healthy scientifically superior probiotic cells per serving to help maintain a healthy level of the good bacteria and ensure your pet’s gastrointestinal health.


The Leading Authority In Pet Probiotics

For over 10 years, Hollison has been the chief supplier of probiotics and food supplements to the pet food industry and veterinarians. In 2018, they turned their industry-leading scientific expertise to create a superior line of probiotic products available directly to consumers called Protect® for Pets. Hollison is a family-owned company headquartered in Owensboro, Kentucky.

What Our Customers Are Saying

5 Stars

We are glad this has worked so well.

We have a male cat that likes the outdoors. He seems to have problems with allergy. But other than that his digestion was bad. he would eat, and then throw it up within a short period of time. We thought that possible a probiotic would help so we ordered Protect and since we have been giving him the probiotics he hasn’t thrown up. We are glad this has worked so well.

William W.
Amazon Customer
5 Stars

Give them a long and healthy life

I take a probiotic each day and I feel so much better. My dogs are my family and their health is very important. I received one bottle and I was giving them my probiotics and they have excellent blood work..I also give them veggie powder… Thank you..

Amazon Customer
5 Stars

Happy Cat!!

I recently purchased ProTect for Pets for my cat. Our cat stays indoors and has had some gastrointestinal problems over the last several months. I purchased another brand of probiotics first that were in a capsule form but I could never get my cat to ingest them. This product is perfect!! I just sprinkle it on his food and he eats as normal. He hasn’t had any signs of digestive issues since giving him this product. He is one Happy Cat!!

Amazon Customer
5 Stars

Cats didn’t Hesitate

I have two of the pickiest cats in the world and both have very sensitive stomachs. They also know when I’m trying to sneak something into their food, apparently it’s the guilty look on my face. Protect for Pets Probiotic was recommended to me by a friend to help with my cats sensitive stomachs. I sprinkled a little on each cats food and waited to watch them turn and walk away and to my complete surprise, they didn’t. They didn’t hesitate eating their food for even for a second. That was huge! I’m so excited to see the long term results in my cats. Check out one of my fur babies, Jackie Brown, on Instagram @jackie_the_fish_stalker.

Jackie Brown
Walmart Customer
5 Stars

Easy application and effective!!!!

I rescue a lot of cats and kittens and have for many years… I have invested quite a bit of money into the expensive probiotics that the vet offers. I’m always looking for healthy, natural ways to boost a cat’s system as well as help with stool issues. This product is awesome! I would highly recommend it! It’s easy to put on dry food or wet food and the cats seem to be fine with it added…even with a couple of my picky eaters.

Amazon Customer
5 Stars

Easy to use!

Easy to use and has been great for my English Mastiff. No more cramming pills down his throat and being slimed! He loves the flavor too!

Amazon Customer