About Protect® - Protect For Pets

Give Your Pet More Of The Good Stuff

Created by the leading manufacturer of probiotic blends for the pet food industry, Protect® for Pets Probiotic Supplement offers your pet one of the widest probiotic profiles on the market today. While other manufacturers limit their blends to one or two probiotic organisms, Protect For Pets superior formulation offers pet owners a wider range of benefits, including:

  • A More Comprehensive Probiotic Profile
  • A Wider Range of Live Bacteria Per Serving
  • Greater CFUs of good bacteria allowing them to multiply & grow
  • Simple, Shake-On Application

This more extensive probiotic profile helps introduce more colony forming units (CFUs) inside your pet’s digestive tract, promoting intestinal wellbeing.

Protect® for Pets Comparison Chart
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The Leading Authority In Pet Probiotics

For over 10 years, Hollison has been the chief supplier of probiotics and food supplements to the pet food industry and veterinarians. In 2018, they turned their industry-leading scientific expertise to create a superior line of probiotic products available directly to consumers called Protect® for Pets. Hollison is a family-owned company headquartered in Owensboro, Kentucky.